Reena Kaur Khalsa

Reena brings a gold-medal standard in her approach to her cases. In 2006 she was a Junior Olympic Gold Medalist for Dressage (an Equestrian Sport). That is the attitude that she brings to the courtroom and to each and every one of her cases. She spent most of her childhood growing up in beautiful Sedona, and after graduating with a customized Bachelor’s in Business Economics in just three years and finishing law school at Arizona Summit Law School just three years after her undergraduate education, she returned to her childhood home.

She brings a unique blend of culture, compassion, and strength in her approach to her cases. Her background includes court appearances around the country and several appeals. Her passion for Estate Planning spawned during her law school career, where she took a lead roll in an estate-planning based Veteran’s Legal Assistance Clinic. She took on the largest number of cases as well as inputting a well-founded effort into the growth of the Clinic.

Since then, she knew Estate Planning was an area that she wanted to focus her efforts on. She has continued to nurture that passion, and it flows through in each an every case she handles. She was recently named Senior Partner at Esser, Bradley & Khalsa. Reena has the understanding that is needed in difficult times that can arise through estate planning matters, as well as the kindness to understand that such issues can be sensitive. Moreover, Reena has always been able to offer creative solutions to her clients to fit unique circumstances when necessary. Reena handles all areas of law listed as our practice areas.