Areas of Law


We handle all types of immigration matters from court appearance to filing applications for your loved ones to assisting with work permits. We can do E visas, H visas, Asylum applications, assist with removal proceedings, and prepare applications for  your spouse, children, brothers, or sisters. Families should never be separated, so let us help you get reunited!  

Car Accidents

If you have recently been injured in a Car Accident, then we can help you get what you rightfully deserve. Insurance companies will try to push you around, and often times will not even compensate you for your medical bills. We will not let that happen to you. You are going through a painful time both physically and emotionally, so let us handle the emotional stress for you by dealing with the insurance company on your behalf.

General Counsel

Although we are specialized in Immigration and Car accident cases, we are prepared to handle almost all of your legal needs. We also handle business matters, contracts, traffic offense, minor criminal offenses, civil litigation, debt management, estate planning, and more! Call us today to set up a consultation to get the legal assistance you need!